Join the photographers who make 3 – 4 times more than the average

Photography has traditionally been a career you pursue for love, rather than money.  


The average professional photographer in New Zealand earns as little as $35,000 per year, according to Careers New Zealand.  


Not much, is it? Especially if you’ve got a studio to run.  

Fortunately, the photographers at Duo Photography are anything but average. Our people can make three to four times that amount. And their overheads are lower because they don’t need studios. Which means they get to keep more of what they earn.  







At Duo Photography, we don’t subscribe to the view that because photography is an art, photographers should work only for love. We believe they should also be able to earn what they’re worth.  


The problem with the photography business is that while photographers may be good at taking photographs, they’re generally not good at running or marketing their businesses. In fact, many of them don’t even think of themselves as business people. And that’s the problem.  


Duo Photographers are so much more successful than the “average” because we teach them how to use our tried and tested business model. First we teach them how to be brilliant photographers. (That’s right, you don’t even have to be a photographer at the moment.) Then we teach them how to be brilliant business people by following our model and systems which aren’t difficult to use, but have been proven to work – brilliantly – every time.  (So you don’t have to know anything about business at the moment).  


In fact, we are so confident in our model that we will put our money where our mouth is and guarantee it!  We promise that you will make sales of a minimum of $1200 per week for the first three months after training.*


(*some terms and conditions apply and are available on request)



Want to be a photographer but need to earn a good living too? It’s not enough to wish it. You’ve got to want it. Let us show you how. 

Take advantage of our proven business model

We believe in it so much, we guarantee it!

A People Business

At Duo Photography, our business model is unique in New Zealand – and may well be unique in the world.

First of all there’s our client-centred approach – the convenience of our mobile home family photography service, our range of product packages centred around the needs of clients, and our philosophy of giving back to the community we serve.

 Then there’s the way we develop our people through the only photography training programme in New Zealand – giving people like you with passion and flair a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enter the professional photography industry.

We’ve always had the philosophy that the photography business should be fun as well as rewarding. That’s because we’re in the people business – and when we’re having fun, you can bet our clients are having fun too.

We’ve found over the years that the secret of having fun is to have your business systems working for you to take care of the no-fun parts like lead generation, product processing, bookkeeping and tax. When you know your systems are taking care of those parts, you can relax and take care of what you do best – working with your clients and having fun with them.

That’s the secret of our success. And it will be the secret of yours.

Our mission of capturing Kiwi families’ stories with fun, relevant and meaningful images is something we take very seriously. Behind the smiling faces and natural unposed scenes are a wealth of clever systems we use to enable our photographers to focus on what’s important, their clients, and what they do best, making memories.   

Systems that Work

Our systems not only help our photographers to get, delight and keep their clients, they take much of the donkey work out of running a photography business. The boring stuff, like booking clients bookkeeping, processing and marketing. Of course, this kind of stuff is essential in any business, but our systems simplify and streamline stuff that would otherwise be very time-consuming.   


Here are the systems which you’ll receive as part of your Duo Photography Licence:

  • Photographer Internship and Training   

  • Mobile Studio Set Up  

  • Product Production  

  • Billing, accounting, GST, tax and financial reporting

  • Full client booking service  

  • Marketing and lead generation  


You can find out more about these systems and how they would help you to build a successful Duo Photography business of your own by getting in touch with our team.

Duo Photography Franchise Business NZ

The Investment

You’ve read about the benefits of a Duo Photography Licensed Business, but what does it cost to invest in one?

We know how important attracting the right people is to the success of any business, so we’ve deliberately kept the cost of the investment to a minimum and provided maximum benefits for the money.

How much does it cost to start a Duo Photography business of your own? Compared to many other types of business, not a lot. With our introductory offer it could be anywhere from $29,000 +gst depending on the territory you have chosen and whether you already have the necessary equipment and vehicle. It may be possible to recoup the full cost of the investment in your first year of business.

That's a small investment given the kind of returns you could potentially achieve with a six-figure income and a growing asset. Don’t have that kind of money? The good news is that you may not need the capital upfront. If you’re able to secure a small loan against your home, or from family or friends, you could pay off the loan out of the cash flow from your business. That way you could get into your own business sooner than you thought.

We’re strong believers that the best investment you can make is an investment in yourself and your future, and an investment in a Duo Photography Licensed Business is certainly that.

What does it Cost and what do I Get?


Initial Franchise License Fee from only $29,000 +gst depending on territory (Special introductory offer).


Franchise License valued at $55,000 +gst

The Initial Franchise Investment Provides You With:
  • Exclusive territory

  • Extensive induction and training at the Duo head office including accomodation

  • Extensive one on one Training, Mentoring and business set up in your purchased territory to get you up and running

  • Full distribution, product production and QC support

  • Product and sales sample kit

  • Billing, accounting, GST, tax and financial information training

  • Marketing and lead generation

  • Ongoing, “never ending” training and support

  • Regular, peer to peer group conferences and support

Initial Equipment set up Required:
Equipment variable cost up to $30,000
(dependent on vehicle and equipment already owned)
All depends on what equipment you already have. We provide recommendations and support and guidance on all equipment needed.All subject to Duo Photography's specifications. Initial set up costs may be reduced if you already own gear that meets the minimum requirements:
  • Digital camera, lenses and memory cards (Cannon 5d mk2 camera L series or equivalent)

  • Bowens or equivilent Studio Flash, 4 headset and softboxes 

  • Background support system 

  • Computer laptop hardware (MAC or PC) 

  • Wireless modem 

  • DroboV2 NAS with 2 x 2TB hard drives 

  • Software (graphics and office related)